Non-Profits That Focus on Teaching Detroiters to Code

As we prepare for the 3rd Annual Hacking With The Homies Developer Conference on Feb 25 and Feb 26, I start to reflect on the organizations in Detroit that are focused on teaching Detroiters to code.

The DNA of our conference is based on the Wayne State HackWSU (picture shown above), which was the brain child of Aubrey Agee and Jason Beale. Agee is one of the co-founders of Detroit Black Tech. Therefore, it only makes sense for us to connect with with these organizations and build meaningful relationships.

I’ve had a personal relationship with some of the founders of these organizations, but I (we as an organization) really haven’t dug-in. Also, I realized that I probably don’t know all of the organizations and the age group they serve. So, I put together a quick diagram to visualize this. It’s no where near complete or correct. So, please help me by DM’ing me on Twitter @machinemaker

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By Mack Hendricks

Mack is the Co-Founder of Detroit Black Tech and serves as the Executive Director.

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