Mack Hendricks,
Co-Founder and Executive Director

Mack obtained a Bachelor and Masters of Science in Computer Science from Oakland University. He has worked for large Silicon Valley-based companies for most of his 20-year career, including 5 years at Sun Microsystems and 10 years at Oracle Corporation. In parallel, Mack has built companies in the restaurant and technology sector. One primary principle driving Mack is setting up a framework that allows generational wealth to grow and be passed down to his kids, grandkids, great grandkids and so on.

Jeseekia Vaughn

Jeseekia is a Software Engineer, primarily focused on full stack web application development. Through her company Fully Developed, LLC she services clients using various languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and SQL. She is an avid learner, currently training in Artificial Intelligence Engineering. Jeseekia is passionate about exposing others to engineering and development through teaching and mentoring.